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What would happen to your business if you just stopped receiving SEO traffic from Google?

Google has rolled out over 1200 updates to its Algorithm in the last year alone. From the big, headline grabbing updates like Penguin and Panda to the dozens of small updates you might not even be aware of. Google is constantly changing and is locked in a fierce battle to keep websites that it feels should not rank from ranking. Unfortunately, that often means that legitimate websites that truly do deserve to rank (based on quality of brand and content) get ensnared in the trap and pulled to the bottom with all of the garbage.

If you’re here, we’re assuming you’re asking one of these questions:

  • How do I stay Panda safe?
  • How do I stay Penguin safe?
  • How do I protect my business from Algorithm Updates and massive traffic loss?

We take this very seriously and pride ourselves in watching our clients continue to grow despite wave after wave of updates from Google. People ask us all of the time how we do it. The answer is simple:

We make sure our clients sites and search campaigns are fundamentally designed to provide value to the visitors. So long as we’re doing that, the rest will follow.

  1. We never take our eye off the ball
  2. We do our work with an eye towards the future.
  3. We focus on providing a great experience for your visitors first

Whenever we on-board a new client, we immediately do a comprehensive audit to find items that we know may eventually put you in Google’s cross hairs. We look at your content, your backlinks, and your user metrics. Every site is different and the specific actions we take vary from client to client.

If you’ve been hit by a penalty, or if you’re proactively working to avoid that pain, we can help you cut through the FUD and do the right things, the right way.

Learn more about how we have helped businesses avoid and recover from major Google penalties. Click here or call us at 888.342.0813.

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