Defend Your Rankings

What Happens to Your Business if Your Hard Earned Rankings Start to Go Away?

If your business depends on the Internet for sales, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing is the air your business breathes.  If you don’t believe me, ask your competition, they are knocking at your door, and I just got off the phone with them!

If your business doesn’t depend on the Internet, how would a 30% increase of top line sales growth look?  If you are not currently optimized for the Internet, what would a BRAND NEW SALES CHANNEL look like to your business?

What if your business is already on top?  How long have you been there, and are you relying on the age of your domain and your business to stay on top?  Ever heard of the “Google Update?”  How about Panda or Penguin?  These new creatures can eat your rankings for lunch, and you may never know what hit you.  How can you protect yourself?  Understand your website, and the NECESSARY guidelines that keep a good website on the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s.)

It’s harder to stay on top of the mountain, than it is to knock the top guy off.  It’s human nature, we are all more aggressive when we have someone to fight, someone or something that’s keeping us down.  What if we are on top, who’s coming for us?  What drives you to stay on the top?  Do you want to spend your time monitoring the DAILY changes to the Search Engines, or spend your time improving your products and services? You need a company that is as passionate about Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization as you are about your business.

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