Local SEO Services – How We Get Results

At Search Rankings, our team of local search experts implement various Strategic Elements to deliver GUARANTEED business driven online solutions that our customers need to:

  Improve their local rankings – in many cases dramatically

  Gain competitive advantage over their competitors

  Generate more customers, sales and profits

  Defend their rankings and stay on top for the long-term



Comprehensive Citation Audit & Detailed Citations Report

Citation Clean-up Service

Create & Optimize Local Business Directory Listings

Rich Media Citations on Authority Video & Photo Sharing Websites

Social Citations

NAP & Keyword Presence Website Review

Local Rank Tracking & Reporting (ongoing weekly report)

•  Carefully search and document all online occurrences of your business Name, Address, Phone &    Website (NAP+W).
•  Send you a detailed report that clearly lists all new citations, along with the usernames &    passwords of websites where they have been uploaded so that you can effectively manage the    listings going forward.
•  Ensure that the quantity and quality of your structured and unstructured citations is a positive local    ranking factor.

•  Manually correct all inaccurate citations and remove duplicate citations.
•  Remediate all of the highest impact negative ranking factors.
•  Provide you with a detailed report of the citation clean-up effort.
•  We are typically able to fix 70-90% of the invalid citations.

•  Submit your business listing to all major data aggregators of location-based data.
•  Setup and/or Optimize Google, Bing & Yahoo Local Business Pages (Places).
•  Conduct competitive research and identify directories used by your top-ranking citations.
•  Identify the highest authority, most topically and locally relevant listings for your business.
•  Setup and optimize niche, local & general business listings to maximize your sites local rankings.

•  Create slideshow videos that creatively and memorably share your compelling business story.
•  Optimize assets with geo-meta data to help search engines better understand the relationship    between your business and your community.
•  Upload assets on your behalf to key authority sharing sites like YouTube.

•  Submit your business Name, Address, Phone & Website (NAP+W) to key authority Social Media    platforms like Formspring, About.me, Quora, Hunch, OpenForum, Slideshare, among others.
•  Diversify your citation profile and improve the quantity of your citations.
•  Spread your NAP+W data to more authoritative web neighborhoods.

•  Ensure that key pages of your website are populated with the correct NAP+W and keywords.
•  Provide you (as necessary) with targeted, practical and low-touch/high-impact recommendations for on-page improvements.
•  Document all on-page improvement recommendations.

•  Provide you with penetrating insights on how your business ranks locally and nationally for your    top keyword phrases.
•  Give you valuable strategic feedback on your overall visibility in the major search engines.
•  Our web-based Reputation Management Dashboard gives you vision into the status & reach of your    Business Listings, Reviews, Mentions, Social activity, Competition & Reputation.
•  Our Reputation Management Dashboard shows you what people are saying about your organization    and provides you with detailed progress reports.

Clear Executive Reports

For all of our Strategic Elements, we provide clear executive reports that document activities, results and recommendations. Unlike so-called Consultants who offer vague promises and shun accountability, we want you to see what we’re doing, when and why. After all, when you’re great at what you do, transparency is an asset to be leveraged -- not a drawback to be avoided!

The Choice is Yours

To help you determine the Strategic Elements that are optimal for your unique businesses, we’ve developed a suite of targeted, efficient and cost-effective Local Packages. Simply choose the Package that meets your needs and achieves your goals, and our team of experts will immediately get to work. It’s that easy.


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