SEO Tip – November 2011 – Are You Ready For the New Device?

Here are a few interesting pieces of information for your review. There are approximately 1.2 billion active PC’s in the world today. There are approximately 3 billion active smart phones in the world today. The iPad is not a PC. Is your message, brand or website ready for a landscape dominated by new devices? Will […]

SEO Tip – September 2011 – Data Driven Decisions – D³

SearchRankings.Net has been spending a lot of time these days reviewing the data that our clients have been using to make decisions about business. We use data every day, data is everywhere, but what happens when the data you are looking at is wrong? Worse yet, the data you are looking at is wrong but […]

SEO Tip – July 2011 – Too Much Information

Growth has forced us to do a productivity audit at the SearchRankings.Net offices. Since this is not my first go around at growing a new tech company, I try to take advantage of rapid growth, and audit our processes and systems, before hiring staff. In the past we would “throw people” at all of our […]

SEO Tip – April 2011 – In The Midst Of SEO Chaos, Find Your Peace

After all the Google updates, algorithm changes, new map features, content farm penalties and new meta tag reviews have forced you and your team into complete website rewrite meetings everyday, where can you go for a little peace? Our offices have been dealing with questions, changes, and panic attacks on a daily basis since January, […]

SEO Tip – February 2011 – Optimize The Future

The Future…. In my 20 years of work on this planet I have spent a good amount of time thinking about the future. Most of my businesses and experiences are based on technology, so we have always been looking at the future. How long with this system or version last? Will this technology or that […]

SEO Tip – January 2011 – Happy SEO Year!

A new start to a new year. As we get ready to blaze into 2011 we thought it would be beneficial to take a quick look back on a few of the most significant items of 2010. Search Engine Optimization continues to lead all other Internet Marketing based customer generation processes, and that does not […]

SEO Tip – December 2010 – Google Will Get Smarter

As the Internet grows, and Search Engines continue to index the Internet, it will continue to get both smarter and faster. Recently a story hit the news about how a company tried to use negative reviews and news stories to raise exposure to the company and increase traffic to the website. This was an interesting […]

SEO Tip – September 2010 – The Data Behind SEO

Every month as I prepare to write about a new SEO related topic I review a few of my favorite SEO news sites, and blogs in order to come up with ideas to write about. I try to find interesting topics that I can add valuable information to and include easy to follow tips that […]

SEO Tip – June 2010

Rankings are up!  Traffic is up!  Sales are up!  That’s great, where is your traffic coming from?  At SearchRankings.Net we work with a lot of large clients who rank for thousands of terms, and drive hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to their sites every month.  At times we have a tendency to over shadow […]

SEO Tip – September 2009

SearchRankings.Net updates for September, 2009. SRN is gearing up for fall, and is getting ready to launch a new redesign of our current web site. As we get ready to relaunch, we began to concentrate on all the little things you need to do to your web site in order to optimize each page for […]

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