SEO Tip – February 2013 – Is Your Website Google Panda Safe?

Stay Google Video Series SearchRankings.Net has launched a brand new website with the focus on providing the best information on Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.  In our first video series we discuss one of the many Google Updates to affect the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages).  The series is called “Staying Google Safe”, and the […]

SEO Tip – October 2012 – Google Announces Disavow Links and Practically 100%

The world of Search Engine Optimization has been busy this month. Fast on the heels of 4 Major Google Updates in a three week period, we have now received new updates you can now find within Google Webmaster Tools. Recent Google Updates: 09/27/12 Google Panda Update 20 – poor quality content update. 09/28/12 Google EMD […]

Special Report: Someone at Google Presses “Send” Too Soon!

This just in… Google sends out warnings to everybody, tells everybody “we know you have unnatural links pointing to your website!”  Then realizes if everyone removes all the links, nothing will show up in the Natural Search Results, and sends out a retraction? SearchRankings.Net started investigating the notices on Thursday July 19th, and began taking […]

SEO Tip – June 2012 – Google’s Latest Update Search Quality

Have you noticed a change in Google?  When you do your daily search for a company name, or the address of your favorite travel website, do you typically get what you are looking for?  I bet you do, and so do I.  Google is the greatest search engine of all time, hands down, and they […]

SEO Tip – February 2012 – Google’s Amnesty Program

SearchRankings.Net recently received a copy of an email Google sent to one of our clients. In the email Google explained to our client that they had detected unnatural links pointing to our client’s website. Here is the actual email message. Our client’s URL has been removed to in order to maintain privacy. Google’s Warning Shot […]

SEO Tip – June 2011 – Search Engine Updates Target Publishers

The recent rash of Google updates have begun to validate an assumption I’ve held for quite a while.  Search Engines and Google in particular are going to go after website publishers who exist primarily to sell ad space, before they target websites who look to acquire links in order to increase rankings.  In other words, […]

Google on “Caffeine”

Welcome to a special post this month about the latest Google Update. It’s not about Page Rank, it’s about what Google has always been about… Speed. The latest Google update is called Caffeine, and it has now been written about extensively on Google’s Blog (, or just type in ‘Google Caffeine’ and a lot of […]

SEO Tip – August 2009

SearchRankings.Net updates for August, 2009. Google has begun to release a new version of the Google Search Engine, code named ‘caffeine’. According to Google they are making the new version of the search engine available to web masters and developers so they can test it against web sites, and search terms and report back any […]

SEO Tip – July 2009

The last 30 days have seen the end results of one the largest Google Page Rank updates we have seen in recent years. SearchRankings.Net is happy to report that the majority of our rankings were maintained, which confirms a strong product.

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