Common SEO Characteristics

Twenty years ago, the most common way of searching for businesses was flipping through the Yellow Pages and making numerous phone calls to different vendors.  Now, with internet and search engines being commonly used and accessible, it’s so much easier – and quicker, to find exactly what you’re looking for. When the first search engines […]

SEO Tip – March 2013 – A 5 Minute Interview with SEO Experts

As spring begins to break, and with South By Southwest just around the corner, we decided to conduct a quick interview with a few SEO experts to give a quick glimpse into what is important… An SEO Spring Cleaning… Question 1 – What is the most important thing businesses can do to improve Search Engine […]

SEO Tip – July 2012 – The Four Legged SEO Machine

When we first began to research search engine optimization 8 years ago, it was not even called search engine optimization.  In the early days of search, volume was everything.  If you were lucky enough to have an aged domain, a domain name registered for 5 or more years, and it had content and activity over […]

SEO Tip – April 2012 – The Growth of Mobile Search

Mobile devices expected to account for 25% of paid search in 2012.  We have all seen and read the reports of the expansion of mobile devices, but a good validation of the growth of any industry is to follow where advertising dollars go.  According to several different reports, advertising spends on mobile devices more than […]

SEO Tip – March 2012 – Dear Google and Bing: Help Me Rank Better!

SearchRankings.Net just returned from the Austin based South By Southwest (  More will be written about the show, but this month I just wanted to focus on one session in particular.  In a session entitled “Dear Google and Bing: Help Me Rank Better!”   This session brought Danny Sullivan, the Editor –In-Chief of SearchEngineLand.Com, Duane Forrester […]

SEO – Tip – January 2012 – The Science of SEO

SearchEngineLand.Com recently published an info-graphic of The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors.  It’s one of the best graphical descriptions of both the results and consequences of website optimization I’ve seen.  It focuses on all the things I talk about every month, SEO Fundamentals (HTML & Architecture), Content, Links, Social Signals and Authority (Trust).  The […]

SEO Tip – August 2011 – The “SEO Effect” on a Website Redesign

So you are thinking about updating or redesigning your current website. Search Engine Rankings should be factored in to your redesign project in order to maintain existing rankings and to optimize for the future. Here are a few things you should consider when you are in the planning phase of your website redesign. Website Maps: […]

SEO Tip – May 2011 – What’s Your Personal PR?

I have been working in SEO, for many years my team and I have been learning, testing, tweaking and doing all we can to improve the exposure of the websites our clients so generously submit to our care and protection. I’ve also been fortunate enough to talk at many conferences and write for papers and […]

SEO Tip – March 2011 – Google is Changing Their Rules

Google seems to be in the process of making one of their boldest changes to date. Google is changing the web page title and meta tag description of certain websites when it displays the results on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). For example a website may list the company name in the web […]

SEO Tip – November 2010 – Update Your SEO_Audit

A really good SEO_Audit can be the difference between good search engine results and great results. Over the years I have looked at dozens of online SEO_Audit tools that will help you improve your website. Most provide advice on how best to organize your site for the best exposure. Unfortunately no tool provided a comprehensive […]

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